In a few weeks, we’re hosting two summer events.  Firstly, all interested folk are welcome to attend a Fruit Tree Workshop (see below).  This workshop and also a brief, informal Members Meeting are both on Saturday, June 1, downstairs at the Pender Community Hall.  Feel free to come by during the Farmers Market.

Fruit Tree Workshop (10:30 am): There will be a free Fruit Tree Workshop from 10:30 to about 12:30 (all welcome, including kids!). Visiting experts Bob and Verna Duncan ( will begin with a presentation about temperate fruit trees for our area.  Bob Duncan was instrumental in starting BC Fruit Testers, and is a super source of knowledge and actual fruit trees (of many varieties, including citrus).

After our expert’s presentation and slide show, they will go into question and answer with the Penderites who attend, and dialogue with local experts too. This can include fruit tree choices, planting, care, grafting, pruning, preserving, semi-tropical options and more.  Our goal is to increase fruit tree planting on Pender, and also to make more use of the beautiful trees we already have (e.g. more fruit juicing, like the picture below of the amazing apple press lent out by the Pender Farmland Acquisition Project).

Society Meeting (9:30 am): On the same day as the Fruit Tree Workshop, we’ll have a brief, informal AGM from 9:30 am to 10:30, to review our non-profit society’s past activities, and the exciting possibilities ahead!  You can officially vote at the meeting, if you pay $2 to become a Member.  We intend to continue our focus on education to build community sustainability and resilience, especially for renewable energy, local food growing, and other practical skillsPlease RSVP for the 9:30 am AGM (email).  All community members are welcome!