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Welcome to the Gulf Islands Food Co-op (GIFC) announcement and question-answering page, with a new initiative called ASK the GIFC!  

Besides our Education page, what’s an easy way to find out something about island food producing?  Just email our question coordinator Jenn, at Then she will tap into the vast knowledge of our many growers to provide responses to the questions, and also log in here to post the most common ones below.  Also, here’s a quick optional survey to help us develop this initiative (e.g. if you know about OR want to know about a specific food production method):

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However, the easiest way to ask a question about local food producing is just email our question coordinator Jenn, at

CAUTION: The Food Co-op will moderate inappropriate comments, but is not responsible for the accuracy or use of information posted here.  You also need to do your own research from various sources and keep learning…