CO-OP TABLES for joint selling at Markets happening again! (2020)

After a very successful and encouraging first 2019 year, we are very happy that the Gulf Islands Food Co-op is once again operating CO-OP TABLES at the Saturday Markets of Pender, Galiano and Mayne Island!

This means a paid Table Host receiving and selling locally produced island food, on behalf of busy island Food Producers who can then be back on the land producing more.  This is thanks to Vancity Envirofund and CRD funding that the Co-op is very grateful to have received.  Producing and buying more local food is a fantastic way of “living lighter” by decreasing our use of the Earth’s scarce resources.

We will report more in future, but for a start here are some photos of the Co-op Tables on Mayne, Galiano, and then Pender…  with islanders lining up for some beautiful and healthy local food!