Education 2020: Let No Apple Be Wasted! (Preservation Workshops)

There is a bumper crop of apples in the Southern Gulf Islands this year!

Thanks to new Vancity EnviroFund plus CRD funding, the Gulf Islands Food Co-op is very happy to be working in partnership with the Southern Gulf Island Community Resource Centre on Saturna Island, on the development of the first…

“Let No Apple Be Wasted” Workshop!   This is now confirmed for Saturday, September 19, 2020 – at the Saturna Recreation Centre.  More info is to follow, but to express interest, please contact Veronica Vos at

This socially-distanced, food safe workshop on Saturna will likely include:

  • gleaning surplus apples from some generous local sources;
  • displaying the large metal Food Dehydrator (10 racks) and also large Pressure Canner (19 pint jars at once) that the Co-op has now purchased for lending on Saturna (even before the Apple event, see HERE to request a booking);
  • doing some apple drying and also some apple slice canning in the Recreation Centre kitchen, plus having the Pressure Canner there to show how to use it (e.g. needed for food safe canning of vegetables, meat or fish);
  • facilitating the sharing of surplus island apples between community members, so that more are preserved instead of wasted;
  • upcoming website references on this page, including video from the Saturna event, canning and drying methods, plus other materials to support “food safe” preservation techniques, and more!
  • CHECK BACK HERE SHORTLY, including for follow-up “Let No Apple Be Wasted!” workshops that the Southern Gulf Islands Community Resource Centres plans to organize on additional islands…