Now the Gulf Islands Food Co-op has a new, easier process – for individuals or organizations to become Co-op Members!  This is to show your support, learn about Co-op services, and also have a voice in guiding Co-op priorities!

1.  TO BECOME A CO-OP MEMBER, first please read these simple MEMBER TERMS.

2.  THEN you can PURCHASE A $10 CO-OP SHARE.  This is the only required step and cost to become a Co-op Member for life, and it’s refundable if you end your membership.  It’s easy and secure to use your credit card and the above link – just choose Add to Cart and Checkout (no PayPal account required), plus…

At Checkout, please also put in the “Order Notes” to the upper right what type of Member you are, i.e. a commercial OR non-commercial Food Producer, OR a Co-op Supporter who doesn’t currently grow food.  If you forget, you can also later email info@gulfislandsfoodco-op.org about this.

3. OPTION for Commercial Food Producers:  If you’re NOT already listed in the GULF ISLANDS FOOD REGISTRY (search it for your island), then use this quick ONLINE FORM to list and promote yourself.

Questions or feedback welcome, to info@gulfislandsfoodco-op.org