Recordings of Past Soil Classes

CAUTION: Neither the Gulf Islands Food Co-op nor individual class presenters are responsible for how food producers or others interpret or choose to use the introductory information from handouts and recordings on this page.  Please do your own additional research, and also test on a small scale first – to figure out what is best for you and your land :-)

November 10, 2018 Pender SOILS & COMPOSTING CLASS with LINDA BEER (Mayne Island Environmental Technologist, Master Gardener, and Food Producer)

Note:  You can learn just by listening, but you it’s probably easier if you first have a look at Linda’s five HANDOUTS with a Gulf Islands approach to the following:

– doing your own Soil Sedimentation Testing (explained more thoroughly)
– recipe for a Complete Organic Fertilizer (which the Co-op may organize to do together)
– making an Effective Microorganisms Solution (which can boost plant growth)
– composting Composting Greens and Browns for soil building
– building a 3-Bin Wooden Composter

There were also additional slides, but these audio recordings are still of potential interest.  CAUTION: Do your own research and test any ideas on a small scale first!  The Co-op may in future also organize trials of certain techniques across the islands, so that we can keep exploring what works best here…

PART 1 (28-minute .mp3)

PART 2 (28-minute .mp3)

PART 3 (24-minute .mp3)

PART 4 (25 minute .mp3)