Youth & Elder educational film/DVD

June, 2012: new Youth & Elder Film! (see online version)

“YOUTH & ELDERS : WISDOM FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE” is a journey to learn about  the North and South Pender Islands’ fascinating past, inspiring present, and key challenges ahead.  This 65-minute film weaves together treasures from the local Museum, period photos, and (most of all) curious kids interviewing our Elders!  We learn about skills for old-time island self-sufficiency and resilience, cooperation and connection.  This includes the son of a beloved First Nations Elder (now deceased) talking about the Coast Salish peoples who once lived here seasonally (the Tsawout, Tsartlip, Tseycum, Penelakut, and other nations).  We also see our youth (and grown-ups) bringing forward the best of the past…  diving into apple juicing, nut tree planting, nature and energy conservation.  They’re helping to re-build the local capacity and spirit that can carry our communities through many worldwide challenges!

CREATORS/CONTRIBUTORS:  This film was created by filmmakers David Ohnona and Joanne Green (250-629-6864) and produced by Pender Community Transition/Zorah Staar (250-629-3825), with the support of the wonderful Pender Museum, North Pender and South Pender Local Trust Committees, the CRD, Vancity, GreenAngels, and over 80 Pender kids and adults!  This included children from the Spring Leaves Home Learners and the Grade 4/5 class doing filmed interviews with Pender Elders (e.g. descendants of early residents, other elderly Pender folk, and an honoured First Nations representative).  The main subjects were old wisdom and ways of living that involved much greater family and community resilience, local creation of food and goods, less consumerism and waste,  etc., and how that connects with new/youth wisdom and action about the same things, for example having a smaller footprint by meeting more needs locally and taking better care of our Earth!

PREMIERES:  The Youth & Elder film had its world premiere for Islands Trust representives from 13 islands on June 12, and then its “kid premiere” at the Pender Islands School on June 13.  Then at the Community Hall on Friday, June 15 came the free, all-ages, community premiere of “Youth & Elders: wisdom for the brighter future”.  A full house of happy Pender kids and adults laughed and cried their way through our 65-minute Pender journey from past to present.  Then we had a chance to  snack and chat with the filmmakers and each other.  Big thanks to the Kikuchi family, our local Tru Value grocery, and others for donating food!

PENDER MUSEUM:  Another option is to go see the amazing Pender Islands Museum at 2408 South Otter Bay Road (within the Roesland Gulf Islands National Park lands).  Call 250-629-6935 to confirm that they’re open (usually Easter to Thanksgiving, Saturday and Sunday, 1 to 4 pm,  then 10 am to 4 pm in July and August).  We invite you to take the time to see the heritage treasures that have been assembled at the Museum, by Peter and Elizabeth Campbell and many other dedicated volunteers!

WHAT’S NEXT:  Pender’s past has much to teach us about how our community can once again become more re-localized, resilient, and self-sufficient, to help us deal with worldwide challenges, and to create a brighter future for ourselves and our Earth.  Both the making of the “Youth & Elders” film and sharing it with our community (with the premieres plus other distribution) can build useful knowledge and understanding between Penderites of all ages, while strengthening our community and perhaps inspiring others too!