Education / Classes (PAST, for reference)

Now that the Gulf Islands Food Co-op is incorporated (on September 27, 2018), we are starting to organize new educational sessions on SOIL BUILDING and also…

Honouring / Bridging between INDIGENOUS and NON-INDIGENOUS Food Creation and Practices (more soon).


2018 November – Soils & Composting Class with Linda Beer


Below for your info are PAST CLASSES offered by the Heartwood Folk School of Pender Island, which was the initial host of our Co-op initiative:


2018 March – Designing an Edible Food Forest


2018 February – Fruit Tree Pruning & Grafting Class


2017 October – Co-op Model Presentation – Making A Sustainable Living Series


2017 June – Amazing Living Soil (for Food Growers)


2017 April – Herb Growing & Gathering with Master Herbalist Don Ollsin


2017 March – Attracting Pollinators to Maximize Food Production


2015october – Building Simple Hoop Greenhouses


2015june – Food Preservation (Fermenting, Drying, Root Cellars & Canning


2015january – Composting Basics, and Soil Building


2014nov – Getting Started with Food Growing, and Organic Growing



2014june – Top 20 Herbs to Wildcraft or Grow for our Health


2014june – Creating a Mushroom/Fungi Mixed Garden


2013june – Fruit Trees & Fruit Juicing Workshop


2013january – Poultry Raising Workshop


2012september29-Seed Saving Workshop


2012february 28 and 29 School Nut Tree Planting


2011mar5-Let’s Grow More Food on Pender MINUTES