HERB GROWING with Master Herbalist Workshop

On Saturday, April 15 (11:00 am to 2:00 pm), Master Herbalist Don Ollsin taught a class about important herbs that people can grow and gather (see poster below).  It was a beautiful sunny day for learning how to use domesticated and wild herbs to enhance our health.  Below is more info about Don – see you in the woods!

Master Herbalist Don Ollsin shares his wisdom of 45 years as an herbalist, about helpful herbs that grow wild or can be grown in our area.  Don also considers medicine security as a possible future issue – see his blog about 100 Mile Medicine http://www.donollsin.com/blog/2014/5/5/100-mile-medicine, which is about sharing the wealth of our green world with our human community.  Imagine having the practical skills to turn native and locally grown herbs and plants into remedies and supplements, to nurture general well-being and also treat many conditions.  Imagine cultivating a new relationship to the trees and plants – the natural world – around you.  Local, community-oriented herbal education is a key to reopening this forgotten relationship.  Don (who now lives on Pender Island) has taught local, community-oriented herbalism, offering courses, workshops, dispensing, and writings in B.C. and beyond, since the early 1970s.




April 4, 2017