QUESTION FOR FOOD PRODUCERS – What do you need most from a Co-op?

Dear Southern Gulf Islands Food Producers and Food Groups,

We’ve now had lively meetings on Pender, Galiano, Mayne and Saturna about a potential co-op, with more to come (in March, 2018).  You can see the Gulf Islands FOOD CO-OP proposal for details.

BIG QUESTION: What do you need most as a food producer, that a CO-OP could potentially help with?  Whether or not you’ve been able to attend a meeting yet, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Here are the main ISLAND FOOD PRODUCER NEEDS expressed so far, for which a Co-op could SEEK FUNDING to support you:

(A) Co-op stands at Saturday Markets, and other joint selling support;
(B) soil analysis/soil building initiatives;
(C) bulk purchasing of inputs at lower costs;
(D) coordinating access to growing land, trucks, equipment;
(E) wildlife coexistence and plant harvesting;
(F) online Co-op ecommerce for easier selling of your wonderful food, locally and beyond (e.g. Cow-op);
(G) knowledge sharing/education; and
(H) advocacy for food producers.

What do you need most as an island food producer?  Feel free to comment below, or send a note to!


February 25, 2018

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