Community Organization Conversation (Jan 31)

Here’s your invitation to the first Pender Community Transition gathering of the new year!

OPEN PENDER ORGANIZATION CONVERSATION  (Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 7:00 pm, Pender Community Hall):  Lately, some people from Pender groups like the Farmland Project, Moving Around Pender, Recycling, and Restorative Justice have been reaching out to each other in new ways – proposing joint action on big projects, joint funding applications, and maybe re-organizing or combining some non-profit societies.  Question: how do we weave together essential current Pender organizations (including businesses) with new community initiatives that also need to happen (including hybrid social enterprises).  How do we re-organize and re-localize, to sustainably meet more of our core needs on-island?  There are many gifted Pender people able to help us with the process of this.  There are also useful community models, e.g. the UK idea of “transition planning” on key issues like energy, food growing, economic relocalization, and more.

The various local groups seeking a new level of cooperation were interested in a joint meeting in January, so now PCT is happy to get the ball rolling by initiating an Open Pender Organization Conversation, on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 (7:00 pm, Community Hall).  Here’s who’s invited – any Pender organization, business, or person who cares about our community becoming more connected, relocalized, resilient, and Earth-friendly, and also people having meaningful and fun experiences as we reach for this!  This meeting is a chance for friendly conversation about how diverse community members and groups connect and face challenges together.  This includes practical things to do next, like joint funding requests, cooperative projects, potential social enterprises, and other new possibilities we can envision together!

Speaking of cooperative projects, there’s one PCT has initiated that can also be discussed at the January 31 meeting.  This is Community Protein & Starch Growing.  Pender farmers, gardeners, and food groups are doing their hard-working best to help us grow more than a small percentage of the vegetables and fruit we need each day.  However, for good health, less carbon emissions, and future food security, it’s equally crucial for communities to grow more of the proteins and starches that we also need.

The question is – what kinds of protein and starch (e.g. nuts, beans, wheat, cereals, potatoes, eggs, chicken, lamb, etc.) are most important and doable for Pender, and how do local growers and groups cooperate to get there?  PCT has chosen to start with acquiring 11 little hazelnut and 2 walnut trees, as part of the School Nut Tree Project.  In the new year, we’ll be inviting Pender School students, teachers, other staff, and all interested community members and groups to engage with us in a process to find the best way to plant community nut trees, on the schoolgrounds and elsewhere.  In the meantime, big thanks to the Pender School, Pender Home Hardware, and Braedon’s Big Digem for their support of this project!  (see here for more info).

If you’re interested in any of the above…  from co-creating a more resilient Pender to planting little trees…  we invite you to contact, check out the rest of this website, and come out to the January 31 gathering!

December 22, 2011